Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Family Can Get Quite Twisted.

Don't worry. This post isn't about anything overly frightening. We visited with family during a tornado warning. I was attempting to be punny... (see? I tried again.)

Yesterday we went to visit part of our family at Lake June. Every year my aunt and uncle rent a lake house and we love to go visit. It is such a great time to catch up with family we don't always get to see. Even though they live in Jacksonville, with crazy schedules, we only see them a couple of times a year.

This time last year I was praying I would go into labor soon. My aunt Alisa begged Ry to come while she was down so she could hold him. No such luck.

This year, we braved the storms to go hang out on the lake to celebrate Nanny Janet's birthday. Even with the flooding rain, we had so much fun! So much, that we didn't even realize a tornado had hit several houses down from us. Here are some things we did to pass the time....

We played stack the kids.

    We looked adorable.      

     We played with Daddy (who was not mad, even though he looks like it...)  

                                                        And we cuddled with our sweet Malia. 

Then....the rain stopped. So we headed outside.

 Uncle pulled Tate on the tube...while talking on the phone. Talk about multitasking. 

                                                       Tate wanted to go faster of course.

Rylan went on his first boat ride. He was not all that impressed at first. He is not a fan of the life jacket.

Definitely not a fan.

But then....Uncle let him steer....
He took this very seriously. 

As the clouds darkened. The older cousins played in the rising water.

And obviously looked adorable again. 

While Rylan hung out with Aunt Alisa. 

Grandaddy Dane showed up....
just in time for chocolate cake.

                                         With him came Bubba (Uncle Mikell). Don't they look alike?

                                                               ...and Jessie of course!

Even with the rain, wind, and tornadoes, we had a great visit! We also worked on some super secret stuff...that will be posted later.

Oh, and no, I did not use a camera from the 60's...I just L-O-V-E the coloring option on Picasa. 

How blessed is Ry that he gets to grow up in a crazy big family with full of crazy big love???

Pretty blessed. 

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