Monday, June 18, 2012

A Mid-Month Update

We haven't been doing our job and updating each month, is a mid-month update of what has been going on.

Since our 8 month post in April, which seems so long and so many milestones ago (sniff, sniff), Rylan now:
-takes single steps at a time. Only one though. Once he gets past that first step it is almost as he realizes he is doing it on his own, and promptly sits.
-is a super-speed crawler
-has this strange one legged crawl/walk he to come as soon as I can catch it!
-still says "mama", "dada", "hey", "baba", and has recently added "ball" and "duck"!
-is slightly more cuddly and lovey since his week-long stomach bug battle
-condenses his short day naps into one long 3-4 hour nap in the early evening. This only happens when he stays home with mom. Mrs. Rachel gets him to nap in the morning and thus avoids the terror at 3:00 that occurs at home...
-is no longer the happy, smiley 24-7 baby we once had. He is still a flirt and very pleasant; he just now has opinions and is not afraid to voice them. Loudly. He also has developed a sense of humor. He finds most things (especially if daddy does them) funny.
-eats EVERYTHING. Seriously, if we have it, he wants it. Not only does he want it, he wants to feed it to himself or take a bite out of it.
-has 6 almost 7 teeth!
-wears clothes that range from 9 to 12 mos. His body is growing longer, so it really is just whatever fits him at the time.
-LOVES and I mean LOVES cars, or any type of vehicle. Every toy becomes a car. He loves to drive the golf-cart. He also loves to drive down the road (5 houses down) to his Cousin Casen's house. Them moving so close to us has been fun! (The move itself was NOT).

It seems like he is growing so fast. Every day we thank God for allowing us to be this little guy's parents.

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