Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BIG Night!!!

Tonight was a BIG night in the Smith house. Aunt Steph and Cousin Case came over for dinner while the guys were at work (another plus to them being so close now). After dinner Aunt Steph was playing with Rylan on the floor. She really wants him to walk. Like REALLY really. As a precaution to make sure that she keeps cookin' Tyce a little while longer, I have put a ban on her picking Rylan up. Since he can't walk, this means she can't watch him by herself like she used to. Like I said, she REALLY wants him to walk. I grabbed my camera in hopes of catching him doing his crazy one legged crawl (which has now been renamed as the LT. Dan crawl...) 

I got it!

I also managed to snap this pic....

right before this happened....

AHH! Please excuse my laughs/sobs!! FOUR steps (if you count the backwards thing he did). Yes, they were tiny steps, so tiny that some may say they don't count.; but to Steph and I....they were HUGE!!!

In case you don't like those first four...

What do you think of those??? 

They count!

You may ask...aside from Steph, what was his motivation??

Her phone!! 

BIG night in the Smith house!

 I am off to cry in my pillow. Our little guy will be 1 year old in exactly 6 weeks. How can that be? 

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