Saturday, July 7, 2012

11 Months

11 months! Whew! Where has time gone? I feel like just yesterday we brought Ry home from the hospital, and now his birthday is less than one month away. Even though I have been planning and creating for a while, I doubt I will be emotionally ready on the day of his party. 

At 11 months Rylan:
-Is slowly weaning off of bottles in exchange for "real" food. The type of food varies on the day, but he in general prefers steak, hamburger, beef hot-dogs, applesauce, goldfish, potatoes, and pureed veggies.
-Is wearing clothes in the 12-18 mos range.
-LOVES swimming. He can stay in the water for hours. He recently has learned how to hold his breath and loves to dunk himself.
-Is all about cars and balls. Everything becomes either a car he can push around or a ball he can throw.
-Is getting in two more teeth, and has the attitude to prove it.
-No longer likes sitting in shopping carts or high chairs. He would prefer to face the other way and does everything he can to squirm.
-Is taking more and more steps. He randomly decides to take a step here and there. We are taking bets on whether or not he will be walking at his birthday party. 

Our friend Mrs. Brandy came over to snap some pictures of Rylan for his party invites. Between the shortened nap and the heat...Rylan was NOT having it. This shot sums up how much he enjoyed the session. 

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