Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gigi Time!

According to my mom, Gigi, there are not nearly enough posts about her on here. It is my fault, I just never think to grab my camera when they are around....mostly because it seems like they are ALWAYS around! (joke Mom!)

Shopping with Gigi is no unusual thing....over the summer we have made several shopping excursions. From forgetting a stroller (TWICE!), to shoving a box into a car the size of a pinto bean, to buying an umbrella stroller that you have to with Gigi is always an adventure! 

While we were "resting" at Chili's on the last trip...I managed to snap a few pictures. Of course, Rylan was happy to pose ;)


Giving Gigi kisses!

Rylan loves chocolate....and Gigi is happy to oblige. 

You mean I can't have any more chocolate?

We had so much fun with Gigi!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mini Summer Trip

It's no secret that one of our favorite places to stay is at the Omni in Orlando. With great rooms, awesome service, pretty cool pools, and a lazy river and water slide....what more could you ask for in a hotel? Rylan took his first trip to the Omni last September. It is safe to say that he had way more fun this time! He LOVED the water! We sure do have a little fishy on our hands!

A trip to the Omni would not be complete without dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. These are the only pics I managed to take of our whole trip...

 Our little family. Mad props to Uncle Drew for the face......

Who brings Chick-Fil-A to the Cheesecake Factory? The kid that was NOT waiting 90+ minutes to get a table to eat. Ry was hungry! Also, I can not brag on his new highchair enough! We love it!! Thanks Nanny!

It's funny how life is so different than it was a year ago. On July 30th of last year, Matt and I, along with Rylan's Granny and Poppa, went to the Cheesecake Factory in Brandon to have our "last meal" before Ry was born. The next day I went to the hospital to be induced. While we were there that night we talked about how different our lives were about to be. We had no idea how much everything would change. Being a parent is the most difficult, confusing, rewarding, and natural thing I have ever done. I can't believe in just a little over a week our little man will be one. What a blessing he is to us.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


While there are a thousand reasons why I hate that Rylan is growing so fast...there are also some pretty great things. 

Like this....

Please excuse the super unflattering position I am in. Normally I would never post this, but he is cute enough for the both of us!!

I have been begging for kisses since he was born, he now gives them!! Yay!!! Maybe growing up isn't so bad!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another Picture Project

June 25 is my Nanny Janet's birthday. When I was 2 months old, I spent the night away from home for the first time with Nanny Janet. I was a peace offering. My parents forgot her birthday that year, so to make up for it, my dad offered me up. Since then it has been a joke that you NEVER forget her birthday.

This year, with Rylan, I was determined to be extra careful. While we were at the lake the day before her birthday I took a few shots of my cousins holding an empty frame. I did it right in front of Nanny, she had no idea what was going on. After a simple color change and added text from Picasa, I got these....

I put them in a frame to get this... not the most prof. pic, but it will do.

I think it is my favorite gift I have ever given her. In all the rush of that weekend...guess who forgot to call her on her actual birthday...

this girl.

As if she needed another reason for Rylan spending the night.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

11 Months

11 months! Whew! Where has time gone? I feel like just yesterday we brought Ry home from the hospital, and now his birthday is less than one month away. Even though I have been planning and creating for a while, I doubt I will be emotionally ready on the day of his party. 

At 11 months Rylan:
-Is slowly weaning off of bottles in exchange for "real" food. The type of food varies on the day, but he in general prefers steak, hamburger, beef hot-dogs, applesauce, goldfish, potatoes, and pureed veggies.
-Is wearing clothes in the 12-18 mos range.
-LOVES swimming. He can stay in the water for hours. He recently has learned how to hold his breath and loves to dunk himself.
-Is all about cars and balls. Everything becomes either a car he can push around or a ball he can throw.
-Is getting in two more teeth, and has the attitude to prove it.
-No longer likes sitting in shopping carts or high chairs. He would prefer to face the other way and does everything he can to squirm.
-Is taking more and more steps. He randomly decides to take a step here and there. We are taking bets on whether or not he will be walking at his birthday party. 

Our friend Mrs. Brandy came over to snap some pictures of Rylan for his party invites. Between the shortened nap and the heat...Rylan was NOT having it. This shot sums up how much he enjoyed the session.