Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beachin' It!

On the 28th, Rylan and I left to spend a few days at Fernandina Beach with some of my family. The drive became quite the road trip! On our way we stopped in Jacksonville to celebrate both Sassy and Tate's birthday!

Rylan had a blast swimming with his big cousins!

After the party, we met Nanny, Poppa, and two cousins at the beach. Nanny quickly went to work getting Rylan to say "Nanny".... He did! Of course, she was also the one who gave him all the cheetos he could eat and would hold him and his blanky.... 

Rylan instantly remembered Poppa, and how much he loves him! 

Rylan spent a  lot of time snuggled with Poppa on that couch! Poppa even got to witness Rylan taking the most steps he has ever taken! Something snapped in Rylan while at the beach, and he walked everywhere!! See the evidence feet prints!

On Monday, Grandaddy and Gigi came. Rylan had fun practicing his walking with Grandaddy on the beach and playing in the sand with Gigi. 

Rylan had so much fun!! On Wednesday, his birthday, we headed home to celebrate with Matt when he got off of work. We decided to let Rylan "practice" eating birthday cake for his party.

At first he wasn't so sure.... it!

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