Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gigi Time!

According to my mom, Gigi, there are not nearly enough posts about her on here. It is my fault, I just never think to grab my camera when they are around....mostly because it seems like they are ALWAYS around! (joke Mom!)

Shopping with Gigi is no unusual thing....over the summer we have made several shopping excursions. From forgetting a stroller (TWICE!), to shoving a box into a car the size of a pinto bean, to buying an umbrella stroller that you have to with Gigi is always an adventure! 

While we were "resting" at Chili's on the last trip...I managed to snap a few pictures. Of course, Rylan was happy to pose ;)


Giving Gigi kisses!

Rylan loves chocolate....and Gigi is happy to oblige. 

You mean I can't have any more chocolate?

We had so much fun with Gigi!

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