Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another First...

First another first!
For the past week we have been attempting to get Rylan to sleep in his room. For some reason he just does not like his crib. Put him in his pack n' play in our room, and he falls asleep instantly. Put him in his crib, and it is the end of the world! Mom is the one who breaks down and takes him back into our room. If DCF will allow a foster child to sleep in the parents room until they are 1, why should we? (logical, right?)

Anyways, while Dad is at work, Mom thought she would try nap-time in the crib, and this is what she found after only a few minutes...

That's right! Rylan Walker Smith...STANDING! He looks quite proud of himself too! Our little guy is growing up WAY too fast!

Looks like we won't be napping in the crib for a while. Well, at least until Dad lowers it...which could take months ;)

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