Saturday, December 31, 2011

What Really Happened...(my "short" version of Ry's birth)

Twas the day before Rylan, when all through the house
Mom and I were stirring, preparing for the little louse (sorry Ry).
The car seat installed in Black Betty (the Buick) with care,
In hopes that baby Rylan soon would sit there.

Walgreens in AP is the first place we head,
With coupons in hand for diapers and bread.
Mommy is nauseated, with vomit on tap,
The incident in front of CVS, I refuse to recap.

Pregnancy brings anxiety and chatter,
But fear not, daddy is well-versed on the matter.
After eating my lunch, to Florida Hospital we dash,
With a thousand pounds of stuff and the emergency food cache.

Not long after we arrived, the nursing staff were ready to go,
Here comes the IV, and Ashley's needle aversion did show.
After hours of contractions, we thought baby's arrival was near,
But it would still be a while before Rylan's big premiere.

No progress by Sunday evening makes both of us sick,
But Dr. C thinks a c-section might just do the trick.
In less than an hour the anesthesiologist came.
Great demeanor and care earn her high acclaim.

They whisk her away, and time starts to fly,
I knew that my boy's moment was nigh.
Ashley was prepped and I got my cue,
Within just two minutes, Rylan made his debut.

Feeling overjoyed, I could not stay put,
I count the digits on each hand and each foot.
"Look at him, he's beautiful!" I continually quack,
I'm sure the OR staff thinks I'm on crack!

As they wait outside, our families go berserk,
Too impatient to wait, some sneak pass the desk clerk
I hold my son and the whole world seems bright,
I already know, I won't sleep much tonight.

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