Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rylan's First Christmas!

As Christmas break draws to an end... (insert tears/shouts of elation here), I thought I would post a few pictures and a rundown of Rylan's first Christmas!

 Rylan's favorite part of the Christmas Season has got to be the lights! He could stare at them for hours. He and his friend Kane had quite the entertaining Christmas card photo shoot!


  Rylan got to meet his cousins Sassy and Tate for the first time! They were all about him. Sassy was so adorable about helping with him. She fed him and laid down with him until he fell asleep. Tate kept holding his hand and talking to him. I love this picture of Rylan and his big cousins! He has such a wonderful family.

Rylan and his friend Kane went to visit Santa at Jellybeans. Rylan loves attention, and of course turned it on for the camera.

Our first Christmas celebration was at our Aunt Kay's house. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera... :(
                                             Our second gathering was at Nanny Janet's house on Christmas Eve Eve. This is one of our favorite times. Any time we get to spend with Heath is fun! Here is a picture of Ry and one of his favorite people... Nanny Janet!

He LOVED opening presents. He would rip the paper off a gift, and then reach for the next one! What a lucky little guy!

One of THREE, yes three, Gator pillow pets Ry received this Christmas! Go Gata!
Christmas Eve we headed over to Matt's parents (Poppa Gary and Granny Sophie). One of Rylan's favorite people (he has a lot of them), Cousin Casen was there. Case is always so excited to see Rylan. Here, Case was brave enough to touch Rylan's Gator cup (he is a Nole fan) in an attempt to give him water. (My big boy LOVES water!)
                                                     Opening one of
                                                   MANY more gifts!

 Gator Pillow Pet #2!

 One of his favorite gifts came from Aunt Steph. He naps with this adorable Gator every day! This Gator means a lot. Aunt Steph is one of those stinky Nole fans....
                                 Christmas Morning. Happy Birthday Jesus!
Ry didn't have anything to open on Christmas morning (this is him opening his Daddy's gift)...Matt and I couldn't wait and gave him all his gifts early. Granted, we could have probably gotten away with wrapping a sock and giving it to him. I told Matt we better enjoy this simple Christmas, we won't have one of these ever again.

Christmas Eve, I set out Ry's Christmas service outfit for church the next morning... unfortunately, we lost track of time and missed it. I got too wrapped up in making the "perfect" Christmas breakfast (that I had found on Pinterest). Matt lost track of time while playing with Rylan.

Overall, Rylan's first Christmas was amazing! We are so lucky to have such a happy and smiling boy. Matt and I agree, God gave us our gift on August 1st.

-Ashley (posted on Matt's account)

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