Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eggs, Empty Tombs, and Love

What an amazing Easter Sunday we had today! Hunting eggs, praising God, and of course, eating good food!

We started off the day hunting eggs with Heath before church. Rylan got to hunt eggs in style with his shirt from Mrs. Bonny. He had so much fun finding the eggs! They were just the perfect size for him to hold, and shake, and drop...

After egg hunting and breakfast, it was time for church. Rylan, after a long and hard fight, slept through most of the service. Praise and worship takes on a whole new meaning for me while I hold Rylan. Thinking of the sacrifice God made for us when he allowed his own Son to die for our sins seems to mean so much more when I look at Rylan's sweet face. I have a better, but not complete, understanding of the magnitude of his sacrifice. I am thankful that God loves us so much, and grateful that he rose again on that third day. Pastor D said today "Grace is free, but it wasn't cheap." I understand these words so much more since having Rylan. Since feeling love this strong. What an awesome God we serve!

After church we went to lunch and egg hunt with the Smiths. 

We had such a blessed Easter. We can't wait to celebrate Easter with Gigi on Tuesday! 

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