Monday, March 19, 2012

We're Back on The Solids Again!

Ok, be honest. When you read that title did you do it to the tune of Aerosmith? I sure did :)

That's right! After stopping solids for over a month, we made an executive parental decision to allow Rylan to have more solids. We put him back on formula only, as per ped's orders, after he wasn't showing enough weight gain at his checkups. In fact, in two weeks, he actually lost 5 oz. (though there were lots of other circumstances: time of last meal/ time of last diaper change...) This drop in weight brought him down below the 10th percentile in weight. This means over 90% of kids his age weigh more than him. :( (sidenote: this was NOT a problem while I was nursing...stupid gal bladder)

The problem with taking solids away from Rylan was that he missed them. He would look at us longingly, and even voice his displeasure, while we ate. Going back to straight formula has not been successful. Bottles no longer satisfy Rylan. If anything, he gets bored, and refuses to finish them. So, after extensive research (thanks to my crazy knowledge seeking self) we have decided to give him 3 small meals in addition to his formula. I have compiled a list of "calorie rich" solids and have even (begrudgingly) agreed to add butter to his vegetables. Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, a reputable source, recommends adding 1 tsp per 1/4 cup of food for babies that are not gaining weight.

Here is a recipe I use for his sweet potatoes. I blend it together using our Baby Bullet. I LOVE that thing!

1/2 Cup Boiled Sweet Potatoes
2 tsp Butter
4 tbsp Rice Cereal

Total Calories: 298

We feed this to him in addition to 5oz. of formula (100 calories) for lunch and dinner. He also gets a serving of Gerber blueberry whole-grain yogurt with a bottle in the morning. I would like to make the yogurt myself, but am leery of dealing with such a sensitive process. He also gets 2 more 7oz. bottles. We are hoping this will help him gain the weight he needs without encouraging bad eating habits...he won't need any help in that area if he follows his parents example :/

As a reward for reading such a long and tedious post (this is really for my own record keeping), here is a video of the first time Rylan tried his blueberry yogurt.


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