Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Hopes

I am one of those people who makes New Years Resolutions (mostly fitness/weight loss ones), writes them down, buys everything I need (food or exercise equipment), just to forget them less than a month later (normally when someone makes a cake).

This year I am NOT making resolutions. Instead, I am going to share my hopes for the new year. 2011 was rough for us as a family with graduations, job changes, pregnancy, family struggles, ect. I do have to say that after August 1st, our lives changed for the better. Rylan was without a doubt, the best thing to happen in 2011.

On to 2012...
I hope...
-that Rylan continues to stay healthy and happy
-that Matt and I continue to grow in our relationships with the Lord and each other
-to continue to make memories and traditions with our family
-that my students all pass the FCAT and feel like they have grown and had success in 3rd grade
-to take more pictures of Rylan, he is growing too fast
-to complete my crafty projects and/or actually blog about them
-to take our Christmas tree down before May...ooops!


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